Aldeberan Ltd is a small company based in Gloucestershire which has been providing consultancy services to local government for more than a decade.

We currently specialise in Business Analysis, Business Change and Benefits Management.

Business Analysis is the process of investigating specific aspects of a business or organisation. It usually involves identifying business needs, elaborating business problems and identifying solutions to those problems.

Much of our work involves documenting the details of an organisation's current operating model and then devising a desired future (or target) operating model that will deliver specified business benefits.

Business Change, or Change Management, is the process of moving an organisation from its current state to a desired future state in a controlled manner.

There are numerous drivers for this kind of change, including changes in the economic landscape, exploitation of a new business opportunity, responding to initiatives from a competitor, or embracing a change in technology.

The objective of Business Change is invariably to enable the realisation of business benefits.

The ability to manage controlled and repeated change is now a core competence of any successful organisation.

Benefits Management is the process of identifying, structuring and realising business benefits.

In business terms, a benefit is an improvement in a defined metric (revenue, profit, time-taken to complete a unit of work, etc) that moves the business to a new level of efficiency or profitability.

Business benefits are usually enabled by the delivery of the outputs/outcomes of change projects.

We work with Project Managers and the client's management team to define and enable business benefits. This involves delivering a series of project outcomes that will allow the organisation to realise business benefits after the Project Manager and Benefits Manager have completed the project and moved on.